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Görme alanı

Görme alanı

Static, Goldmann, Blue/Yellow, Blue/Yellow Motion perimetry, Attention visual field, Contrast sensitivity, Visual aptitudes(Landolt, ETDRS, glare test), Pupillometry, Macular pigments, Metamorphopsia testleri, Çocuk perimetrisi, Ptosis raporu, Tam binoküler görme alanı, strabismus raporu, fundus görüntüsü akuplajı vb. özellikler.

Model MonCvONE

MonCvONE Standard Automated Perimetry

MonCvONE is a full field projection perimeter entirely compatible with the Goldmann standard and modern perimetry standard.
It allows high resolution static perimetry as well as kinetic perimetry with automated and manual modes.
It is presently, thanks to its large viewing field camera, the only perimeter capable of TRUE BINOCULAR exams.
It is therefore the best option to test visual aptitudes for drivers and handicapped subjects.

Thanks to its video recording capability, it is also suitable for the assessment of ptosis, the test of diplopia visual field
(fusion field or field of single vision) and for recording the cardinal positions of gaze.
An advanced model, MonCvONE-CR, is also available for clinical research investigations. It includes, in addition to the standard tests, dark adapted chromatic perimetry, dark adaptometry and chromatic pupillometry.

MonCvONE Goldmann manual perimetry
MonCvONE-CR Clinical Research Model

Model MonCv3

MonCv3 is a multifunction perimeter.
It is designed for the evaluation of the central visual field (60 degrees) and peripheral field along the horizontal meridian (160 degrees).
In addition to the “classic’ visual field tests, it allows motion perimetry.
Several other tests of visual functions are available as options:

Model MonCv3

MonPackONE is a unique device allowing on the same compact unit psychophysical tests such as visual fields as well as electrophysiological tests.

Eye tracking systems

Eye tracking technology

All Vision Monitor systems are equipped with an eye tracker that can be used to record eye movements and pupillary responses.
Metrovision’s eye tracker allows in real time and simultaneously
• the analysis of the video and extraction of the positions of the pupils and of a reflective dot placed on the subject’s forehead,
• the display of the horizontal and vertical positions of both eyes,
• the display and storage of the video in compressed mode
The standard version has a 30 Hz sampling rate. However, for a detailed analysis of eye movements, the 200 Hz option is recommended.

Clinical applications
The clinical applications of this eye tracker are numerous:
•the control of fixation and of pupil size during visual field exams
•the measurement of the pupil diameter under different levels of luminance and the study of pupillary responses to visual stimulations
•the evaluation of eye movements during fixations, saccades, pursuits and optokinetic nystagmus
•the scan path analysis during reading and the exploration of visual scenes

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